Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It Is Very Scary Out There Isn't It?

Psalm 146:3-4  Do not trust influential people, mortals who cannot help you.  When they breathe their last breath, they return to the ground. On that day their plans come to an end.

Here we are 5 months into the "reign" of a liar, bull***ter, overbearing bully who was elected President.  It may turn out that the Russians helped tip the election in his favor.  Either way it is bad for America and bad for the World.  The precedents set by his behavior will have long lasting effects on our Country specifically and the World in general.

This bag of wind would have us believe that he can save Christianity.  People nod their heads and say thank God for that.

I don't believe these people have ever read the Bible and if they have they most certainly do not understand it.

Christianity is composed of people who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  These people came to faith not by their own devices but because they were led by the Holy Spirit to believe.

God created us, God sent the Holy Spirit to lead us to faith, God sent His only Son, Jesus to save us by taking our place on the cross.  Jesus rose to show His victory over death and the devil and will come again to judge the living and the dead.  All of this because of God's grace.

No human can do anything to change this in any way, shape or form.  Hitler tried to stop it, the USSR tried to destroy it, Mao made it an enemy of the state.  Hitler and Mao are dead and buried, the USSR do longer exists, Christianity still thrives.

Just as man can't stop it, man can't save it.  Only God can.

Stop putting you hope in mortals and hope only in the Lord.

God's Blessings to you

Pastor Steve